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--The first staff table tennis competition of Dover group ended successfully.

In order to give full play to the positive role of sports activities in the construction of corporate culture and enrich the amateur cultural life of employees, on October 15, after 16 fierce competitions, the first employee table tennis friendship competition of Dover Group has been successfully concluded.

At 14:00 p.m. on the 15th, 16 table tennis fans from Dover Group headquarters participated in the competition, which was held in the table tennis leisure area on the second floor of the staff dormitory of the Group Headquarters. Dozens of employees spontaneously came to watch the competition.

The competition will start in the form of singles and take a set of winning and knocking out system. During the competition, all the athletes in line with the sports spirit of "friendship first, competition second, ball club friends, skill negotiation", presented a splendid game.

Competitors have made every effort to fight, smart return, sharp spike from time to time to win applause and applause, igniting the enthusiasm of the audience. With the courage to fight and take the lead, we have fully demonstrated the spiritual outlook of the employees of Dover Group. After a day of fierce competition, Wang Pengpeng, from the three financial departments, Tang Zongyu, the asset management department, and the wind control department, won the second runner-up.

This competition not only provides a chance for company table tennis fans to communicate and discuss their skills, but also improves staff's fitness awareness and creates a positive and vigorous cultural atmosphere. In the future, Dover Group will continue to implement the concept of "employee welfare". It will always strive to improve the cultural living standards of Dover people, so as to promote the team's collaborative ability and the centripetal force of enterprises.