Dover group construction activity - mountain climbing

Publish Date: Visit: 1026

Close to nature     Feeling autumn

It is a good season for outdoor sports to have a clear autumn atmosphere and to dye the forest. Dover group uses weekend time to organize headquarters staff to carry out outdoor mountaineering activities, so that the majority of employees go outdoors, get close to nature and feel the autumn.

At 9 a.m. on October 21, 2017, more than 50 employees started from the company to reach the Phoenix Valley natural scenic area after two hours' ride. They were divided into 4 mountaineering teams and carried out mountaineering activities in the team.

On the way, everyone helped each other and fully developed a good tradition of solidarity and cooperation and mutual help. After nearly a few hours of climbing, it finally arrived safely and smoothly. People are still flying to the stone tower, the temple site above, Dragon Phoenix Tower, Dragon Phoenix Pavilion in the visit, a happy smiling face and excitement to dilute the weariness of the mountain, the staff have taken a photo of the mountain.

At noon, we held a group lunch on the mountain and shared their own food with each other when the food company prepared meals.

At 14 p.m., you cross the ladder and cross the river, the stream and the huge rock to cross the valley. Everyone was tired on the way, but no one was willing to lag behind. They clenched their teeth and encouraged each other, and successfully completed the mountain climbing activity.

The outdoor mountaineering activities not only exercise the staff's body, but also enrich and activate the amateur cultural life of the employees, and really carry out the corporate culture of the "staff blessing" of Dover. At the same time, it improves the sense of teamwork, guides and motivates the employees to unite and fight, make progress, continue to surpass themselves and strive for the first class spirit, and fully display the spirit of the group's vigor and unity.