Dover's 2018 fire safety knowledge Conference

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At 14:00 on January 19, 2018, the group administration department carried out the "Dover 2018 fire safety knowledge exposition" in the headquarters multi-function conference room. The meeting invited the senior lecturer of the Beijing Chaoyang District fire safety knowledge propaganda office, Mr. Liu Le, who had the leadership of the district administration committee, the leaders and staff of all departments of the group.

At the meeting, Liu Le from many aspects, such as the cause analysis of fire, the way of extinguishing the fire in junior middle school, the way of escape, the daily fire prevention and the use of fire-fighting equipment, carried out an open speech with a variety of forms, such as playing slides and video data, demonstration of the scene, and so on. The effect was obvious and thoughtful. The atmosphere of the meeting was warm and repercussion. Every member of the company was deeply educated and warned. Through training, all the staff improved the awareness of fire safety, mastered the basic knowledge of fire safety and fire extinguishing skills, and played a good guarantee for a safe and peaceful 2018 Spring Festival.

Fire safety is no small matter. We Dover staff should strengthen the awareness of fire safety, completely eliminate ideological paralysis, eliminate all security risks, and create a good situation for everyone to understand safe and safe.