Mining block

Mineral resources as non-renewable resources are the lifeblood of national economic development. The mining sector of Dover Group brings together the elites of the whole industrial chain, including mineral resources exploration, mining development and deep processing of mineral products, and is committed to building a resource brand with international influence. Dover Mining Group firmly grasps the direction of world economic development, pays close attention to the scientific and technological developments of the material industry, bases itself on the domestic perspective of the world, and provides and reserves raw materials for new materials, innovative energy and green industries.

At present, Dover mining plate has invested in the development of minerals including: nickel ore, lithium ore, bauxite, rare metals, oil and gas, fluorite and granite building materials. Among them, the largest laterite nickel mine in Indonesia and Asia is under construction, with an annual output value of hundreds of millions of dollars. The Dover mining sector is thriving with an innovative and forward-looking strategic vision and plans to hold a listed company with a Dover mining brand in three to five years.

Relation Projects

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Indonesia project