Guangxi Seiko Ocean Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangxi Seiko Marine Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional marine high-tech enterprise integrating reef design, construction, mariculture, research and development, processing and sales services. Mainly engaged in Nanzhu industry, sea grape industry, seahorse industry, Dongfeng snail industry and marine ornamental (coral restoration) industries. The company has a complete and scientific quality management system, advanced production equipment, and standardized operation mode. At present, the company has established a complete industrial system in seedling breeding, standardized aquaculture, factory ecological aquaculture and deep processing of seafood.

The company insists on taking scientific and technological innovation as the lead, firm development strategy of scientific and technological forerunner and technological forerunner, pays attention to brand creation, devotes itself to the development of healthy, organic and green high-end seafood. It has successively created many famous brands such as Chivalrous Island and South Pearl City. At present, it has established good strategic partnership with many domestic scientific research institutes and serves as its practice base.

The company is located in Beihai Marine Industry Science and Technology Park, Beihai City, Guangxi. It is adjacent to the Fourth Institute of Oceanography of the National Oceanic Administration of the neighboring countries. The company has strong financial strength. Depending on the superior geographical environment of Beibu Gulf of Guangxi, it has invested in the construction of 10,000 square meters land-based standard factory breeding base and 3,000 Mu sea Nanzhu standardized breeding base. He has undertaken the research and development of national projects such as "Cooperative Innovation of Standardized Breeding and Comprehensive Utilization Industry Chain of Medicinal Nanzhu", "Demonstration Project of Coral Reef Ecological Restoration" and provincial projects such as "Hippocampus Breeding and Industrial Breeding", "Nanzhu Factory Seedling Breeding". At present, 21 patents have been applied for invention.

"How can plum blossom be fragrant without bitter cold"? The cause is a struggle, the footsteps are firm, and the results are brilliant. In recent years, the company has positioned its products as high-end seafood, and the high-quality and high-end seafood it breeds has been successfully marketed. With strong economic strength, good reputation and high-quality products, our company has been unanimously recognized by the industry. The "Chivalrous Island" brand seawater pearls and Pearl shellfish meat produced by our company won the "Gold Prize" of the 2nd China International Modern Fisheries and Fisheries Science and Technology Exposition.

In the future, Seiko Ocean will face China and look around the world, actively seek comprehensive strategic partners, accelerate the creation of high-tech projects, and actively absorb high-end talents. Following the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing, we will gradually expand the industrial chain around the management industry, focusing on the development of marine ornamental industry (coral), breeding, breeding, processing and product logistics of marine biological species, so as to achieve the goal of creating well-known brands and establishing first-class enterprises. Standing at the forefront of the times, the Seiko Ocean will create a more brilliant tomorrow with the spirit of Hainabaichuan, the spirit of big waves, and the same heart and morality.