Dover Group: Wish to create a better tomorrow hand in hand with friends from all walks of life in ASEA

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2018-11-01 18:26 Global Network

Global Network Reporter Zhao Yanlong hosted by China-ASEAN Center, People's Network and Global Times and hosted by China Association of Private Science and Technology Industrialists, Global Network and Dover International Holding Group, the China-ASEAN Investment Docking Meeting was held in Beijing on the afternoon of October 29. The theme of the conference is "Innovation, Link Opportunities, Cooperation and Promotion of Development". It aims to help more investment institutions and enterprises find the entry point and focus of cooperation and explore the new development of China-ASEAN economic and trade cooperation by interpreting the business policies and investment environment of China and ASEAN countries. The meeting is one of the more than 20 summit meetings of the international business association of "one belt and one road", attracting business counselors and representatives from many ASEAN embassies.

Li Zhenyu, vice president of Dover International Holding Group, said at the meeting that during the autumn season, officials from China and ASEAN, diplomatic envoys, business leaders, business leaders and industry experts, academics and friends from the media gathered together to promote investment and docking between China and ASEAN. "It is of great significance to make our contribution to the construction of the Marine Silk Road in the 21st century under the initiative. As an influential private enterprise in China, Dover International Holding Group is willing to take this opportunity to join hands with friends from all walks of life in ASEAN to create a bright future for cooperation and development.

Li Zhenyu said that ASEAN is one of the most dynamic emerging markets in the world, with a large population, abundant resources and rapid economic development. It is one of the most valuable investment regions in the world. Li Zhenyu said that in order to better carry out cooperation, Dover Group is willing to work with friends from all walks of life to further increase investment, further expand cooperation areas and make greater contributions to China-ASEAN investment and development, and introduced in three aspects.

First, continue to seek opportunities for industrial cooperation. Dover Group is willing to explore cooperation opportunities with friends from all walks of life in mining, new energy, intelligent equipment manufacturing and other aspects, to seek better investment projects, enhance cooperation level, achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation; second, it is willing to seek more opportunities in investment cooperation. ASEAN is an important capital market with unlimited business opportunities. Dover Group has strong financial strength and international investment experience. We can achieve strong alliance and jointly promote the development of capital market. Third, we are willing to strengthen cooperation in education and talent. ASEAN people's intensive education and talents are not only urgent needs, but also have great potential. Dover Group has taken a firm step in controlling a well-known talent company in Singapore. We look forward to better projects and opportunities to better serve social and economic development.