The "one belt and one way" International Business Association Conference opened in Beijing

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October 29, 2018 15:19 Source: People's Network

Zhou Tienong, vice chairman of the National People's Congress, announced the opening of the international business association of "one belt and one road".

People's daily, Beijing, October, 29, "the all around" International Business Association conference was held in Beijing today. The theme of this session is "linking the" one belt and one road "folk resources and helping the business associations to develop together, attracting the government representatives from more than 60 countries and regions, the president of the business association, the heads of international organizations, experts and scholars, etc. More than a thousand people gathered together to carry out dialogue and Discussion on the international cooperation situation, the development of business associations and the exchange and cooperation of private economy and trade on the basis of the "one belt and one road" initiative.

Yu Qingchu, editor in chief of the people's network, said that this year's "one belt and one road" initiative put forward 5th anniversary. In the past five years, the "one belt and one way" initiative has changed from vision to reality, providing a new platform and new impetus for safeguarding world peace and promoting common development. Over the past five years, the people's network has organized a large number of interviews and reports, focusing on the construction of "one belt and one road". During the conference, we will give full play to the dissemination and influence of our media matrix by building project docking meetings, holding series of peak forums and other forms, and provide all-round services in resource interchange, service integration, project docking, brand display and so on.

Dan Chengbiao, general manager of World Wide Web, said that this year, the "one belt and one road" initiative put forward 5th anniversary. The concept of "one belt and one road" has become increasingly popular among the people. The construction of "one belt and one road" is in full swing. In the layout of the "one belt and one way" layout, the chamber of Commerce and trade associations have a leading role in leading enterprises to "go out" and "bring in". The role of neglect is not only a link between the government, enterprises and the society, but also an important folk support for all the initiatives. The goal of the World Wide Web jointly organised the "one belt and one way" International Business Association conference is to link the "one belt and one road" folk resources, boost the common development of the business associations and jointly build bricks and mortar for the "one belt and one road" construction.

It is reported that the international business association of "one belt and one road" is guided by the national network of industry and Commerce and China, and is sponsored by the people's network and the global times, the World Wide Web operator, and the Zhejiang small commodity city group. It is a world-class event with the world's chambers of Commerce, industry associations and other social organizations as the main participants. The conference lasts for two days. There are nearly 20 summit forums and seminars. Top think tanks, industry leaders and enterprise elites from home and abroad will attend the sub-forums respectively. They will gather ideas and suggestions on the development of digital economy, China's new economic development, international investment and trade, and the coordinated development of business associations.

At the opening ceremony of the conference, the Yiwu Municipal Committee member and deputy mayor of the municipal Party committee introduced the interview with the people's network reporter. As the world's small commodity capital, Yiwu has been planning international trade since its accession to the WTO. Through frequent trade contacts with other countries, it has been well involved in the "one belt and one road", and has also accumulated a lot. Experience. First of all, Yiwu has formed a huge market, with 26 categories of more than 1.8 million commodities and more than 70,000 shops. This means that if you stay in front of every merchant in Yiwu market for three minutes, it will take you a year and a half, calculated as eight hours a day. Secondly, the development of "one belt and one road" depends on facilities and transportation. Yiwu has the earliest Class in China, Yixin Europe, which is the longest distance traveled in China at present, and the only class in China and Europe operated by private enterprises, with good benefits. At present, there are more than 13,000 foreign businessmen residing in Yiwu. They buy small commodities made in China daily in Yiwu, and then transport them to their own countries through convenient logistics transportation in Yiwu, so that the people of all countries can enjoy the convenience brought by China's development. In addition, Yiwu is planning to establish a "one belt and one road" Czech trade station. It is hoped that by investing in the construction of business and trade logistics parks, industrial parks and trade service exhibition areas in Czech Republic, Zhejiang and Czech Republic will be linked together to display the image of Chinese goods and Zhejiang-made products and provide a better platform for Chinese enterprises to go out.

Li Zhenyu, vice president of Dover group, shared the experience of Dover's participation in the construction of "one belt and one road". "The most important thing for domestic enterprises to invest abroad is to avoid acclimatization. They must fully communicate with each other so that they can understand each other's investment intentions and ideas through cooperation." Li Zhenyu said that on the other hand, emphasis should be placed on localization. For example, in Indonesian enterprises, except for a small number of managers and finances, all local employees employed by the local authorities have been affirmed. Localization also includes full respect for local laws and regulations, and good use of local government support policies. Li Zhenyu believes that when we talk about business and help the "one belt along the way", the biggest contribution of enterprises is to use the best team, management and technology to make the project take root in the countries along the belt and road, and bring the best benefits to the benefit of the two peoples.

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