Why is headquarters returning? These representatives of Wen Shang say so...

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Wenzhou Network Nov. 7 News (Reporter Pan Yongxuan) Golden Autumn Festival, gathered in their hometown. Wenzhou people at home and abroad will work together to write a new blueprint for Wenzhou's high-quality development. On the morning of November 7, the Symposium of representatives of the return project at the headquarters of the World Wenzhou People's Congress and the signing ceremony of the headquarters project were held. Twenty-five headquarters return projects from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong have been contracted centrally to inject fresh water into Wenzhou's social and economic development in the future.

Hometown Complex, Business Environment, Strategic Transition... The representatives of these warm business projects gave such an answer as why to let headquarters return to Wenzhou.

Yan Lizhao, chairman of Yilian Holding Group:

Every Wen Shang who goes out is a child of Wenzhou.

This Spring Festival, I received New Year greetings from the municipal government and the county government of Taishun County, full of the affection of my hometown, which moved me. Wenzhou has a lot of people going out. I once said that every Wen Shang we go out is Wenzhou's children. Wenzhou was born and grew up. When he was big, he would go out for a long journey and adventure.

No matter how far the children go, they are rooted in the land of their hometown, and their hearts are in their parents. Over the years, Billion Holdings Group has always been concerned about the development of the home town, always bearing in mind to contribute to the social and economic development of the home town. Nowadays, our hometown calls on us, and we should respond fully and unambiguously. Wen Shang's return coincides with great achievements.

Hu Xingrong, chairman of Dover Holding Group:

Another 50 million yuan will be donated to improve the apartment for the elderly

On November 1, General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the seminar on private enterprises gave us enough confidence in entrepreneurs. We should go all out to invest in economic and social construction and make our own contribution to the construction of two healthy pioneer areas in Wenzhou.

The reason why Dover Holding Group has today is that it can not be separated from the state's concern and love for private economy, the high concern of Wenzhou Municipal Committee and Municipal Government, and the support of the people in their hometown. Let me say thank you here.

In order to express my gratitude to my hometown, I will donate 50 million yuan to Haicheng Street on the basis of my original commitment to improve the apartment construction for the elderly. As a private entrepreneur and a member of Wen Shang, I will continue to strive to be stable and strong, and return several major sectors to my hometown one after another in return.

Yu Jianming, Chairman of Shanghai Zhongneng Enterprise Development Group:

The atmosphere of "inviting investment, securing business, relatives and wealthy businessmen" in our hometown is strong.

Thank Wenzhou Municipal Government and Yueqing Municipal Government for their support and concern in starting businesses abroad. It is because of them that today's signing ceremony and win-win cooperation have been achieved. A wanderer travels thousands of miles without forgetting his homeland.

Zhongneng Group originated in Yueqing. As a member of Wen Shang, it is deeply impressed by the call and policy of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government on the return of Wen Shang. The atmosphere of "inviting investment, securing business, relatives and rich businessmen" is strong. It implements specialists, realizes one-stop service and effectively promotes projects. We have deep feelings for Yueqing, and full confidence in the development of investment in our hometown.

Wang Dongsheng, Chairman of City Window Furniture Group:

Return is due to the strength and determination of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government to improve the business environment, as well as the strategic needs of enterprise development.

Why do we choose headquarters to return? I want to talk about three reasons. The first one is the plot of Wen Shang's hometown. In fact, we are outside, the cause is bigger, I did not buy one plant, but bought three or four plants in Wenzhou. It can also be seen that when we go out, we just want to make our career bigger. Once our home environment adapts to us, we will come back. There is a saying that the moon is the home of Ming, people are relatives of home.

Second, it is the strategic needs of enterprise development. Our company has formulated the strategy of four modernizations, product diversification, house customization and home decoration industrialization. Through these three modernizations, our business model has been thoroughly changed, from the original production and sale of furniture to the whole house operator. Finally, we will move towards normalization. In this way, we need a sample market, of course, we choose home is the best.

Thirdly, the strength and determination of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government to improve the business environment, we heard the news from the outside frequently. The policies of running once at most, ten thousand cadres entering ten thousand enterprises and two healthy pioneer areas of private enterprises, like the spring breeze, warmed our hearts and stimulated the passion of returning.

Liang Yi, Chairman of Beijing Liangye Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

Will take root in Wenzhou and make "Night Light Economy"

Twenty-two years ago, I started my business in Cangbei, Wenzhou, and I have always been concerned about my hometown, with the feeling of repaying it. We have made up our mind to take root in Wenzhou and live the "night light economy". Wenzhou is rich in tourism resources and has an excellent business environment. In the next three to five years, we will be more active in carrying out projects in our hometown to accelerate the beautiful butterfly transformation in our hometown.

Wu Zongfang, founder of Hangzhou Material Investment Management Co., Ltd.

The headquarters should do these three things after returning to Wenzhou

As a Wenzhou native who has been abroad for many years, I am glad to see the great efforts made by Wenzhou Municipal Committee and Municipal Government to optimize the local business environment, and put forward the idea of building two healthy pioneer districts. The original capital will respond positively to the call of the municipal government, plan to establish the regional headquarters of the original capital in Wenzhou, and build the headquarters building in the future. In the future, first, the establishment of the original capital; second, the establishment of a professional fund investment platform; third, the introduction of high-end enterprise platform.

Koboda Technology Co., Ltd. Vice President Ko Bingjin:

Deeply aware of the changes in Wenzhou's business environment, we must respond to the call

Coboda Company is an enterprise growing up in Wenzhou. It has been absorbing the nutrition of Wenzhou private economy and deeply cultivating the automobile industry. For a long time, Wenzhou has always been the heart of home. In recent years, the leaders of Longwan District and South Zhejiang Science and Technology City have visited the company many times. We deeply feel the tremendous changes in Wenzhou's business environment, and must respond to the call to establish Wenzhou headquarters here.

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