Hu Xingrong, Chairman of Dover Group: Must Complete the Commitment of Trade Headquarters Retur

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"Although this contract is only one month from the end of the year, I will definitely fulfill the commitment of the trade headquarters to return to 30 billion trade volume." Hu Xingrong, chairman of Dover International Holdings Group Co., Ltd., spoke loudly at the Symposium of Representatives of the Headquarters Return Project and the Signing Ceremony of the Headquarters Project of the World Warm Conference. He said that Secretary-General Xi gave us enough confidence in entrepreneurs at the Symposium of Private Enterprises on November 1, and that we should devote all our efforts to social construction. To contribute to Wenzhou's construction of "two healthy" pioneer areas in the new era.

Dover Group is a diversified investment group with industry as its main body. In recent years, the industries invested by the state in the whole country and along the road include: petrochemicals, electrolytic aluminum, steel mills, mining, electrical instruments, special footwear industry, trade, medical equipment, hotels, big health care, cultural tourism, marine aquaculture, real estate development, uncompleted residential building acquisition, equity investment, A shares and H-share listed companies. And so on.

Since the headquarters of Dover Group returned to the industrial agglomeration area of southern Zhejiang Province in Wenzhou last year, the total registered capital of enterprises has surpassed 20 billion yuan. At present, six industrial enterprises have been invested, with a total investment of 2.5 billion yuan. This year, the estimated tax payment is 250 million yuan; three real estate enterprises in Wenzhou have been invested, with an investment of 12 billion yuan; and the estimated tax payment is 1.2 billion yuan.

"In order to express my gratitude to my hometown, I will donate another 50 million yuan to Haicheng Street in order to improve the apartment building for the elderly on the basis of my original commitment." Hu Xingrong enthusiastically said that the reason why Dover Group can develop healthily is that he himself has the care and love of General Secretary Xi for the development of private enterprises, and that Wenzhou Municipal Committee and Municipal Government can not do without the support of the people in his hometown. "Under the leadership of Wenzhou City, I believe Wenzhou will have a better tomorrow. As a member of private enterprises and warmers, I will follow the instructions of General Secretary and continue to work hard to be stable and strong. I will respond to the call of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government and return the major plates to my hometown one after another."

Source: Wenzhou News Client

Zhou Dazheng, an all-media reporter of Wenzhou Daily

Photography Chen Xiang

Editor Zheng Liuying