Haier solves the problem: "small housekeeper" helps rural logistics

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In May 7th, billion power was informed that yesterday the 2018 Third China smart logistics brand day summit was held in Beijing. Xie Zhi, vice president of Haier group, said that the rural community logistics should be built around the "small housekeepers".
The so-called "small housekeeper" refers to the liaison staff set up in the rural areas, that is, the opinion leaders, day and day in a large number of villages layout contact network, small housekeeper through contact network to understand the needs and experience of rural users. Then the butler and Haier brand are linked up to provide solutions according to the needs of the whole village.
At present, he has established more than 30 thousand contact networks in the countryside, and more than 60 thousand in the city. This year's target is 100 thousand villages in the countryside and 100 thousand communities in the city. Finally, the contact network with temperature is interacted by small housekeepers and rural users.
Japan and Japan have set up a distribution system and service system covering every county and covering every township in the countryside for many years. "We have at least 2 Haier franchised stores in a county, at least 2 service outlets. Through these years, we have a new service system. On this basis, we have already been combined in more than 30 thousand. The village has reached 100 thousand villages this year, that is, the system of small housekeepers this year, and the use of resources to build the village through sharing and sharing "," said the "village". "June."
Xie Zhi said that rural logistics is very backward, for example, the express delivery, almost all of the express delivery is not to the village to the town. Farmers' demand is not only about the sale of agricultural products, but also the demand for industrial daily necessities. At the same time, for the express logistics industry, if you say that your own logistics system in the countryside, distribution system, covering so many rural areas in the country, the cost is very high, the time is very long.
"So we want to build a shared village and town, not only for rural users to solve his pain point, but also open for logistics enterprises, express enterprises share common. "Linking urban and rural areas, through this logistics system, can bring high-quality industrial goods and daily necessities through the system of small housekeepers."
Day Shun also create this platform of Roca, is a high quality brand, for example, for example, the five regular rice, such as day and day, has no brand, through Roca, to bring clear protection to the urban residents food, for farmers, selling more expensive than the original, selling more than the original, to urban users. The quality of the rice is guaranteed. (editors / Qinchuan)