Xi Jinping held a meeting with German Chancellor Merkel

Publish Date: Visit: 954

CCTV news (news broadcast): 24, Chinese President Xi Jinping held a meeting with German Chancellor Merkel in the Great Hall of the people.
Xi Jinping welcomed Merkel's eleventh visit to China and appreciated Merkel's high regard for Sino German relations. Xi Jinping pointed out that since the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Germany in 2014, the relations between the two countries have been greatly developed, and the extent and depth of cooperation have reached an unprecedented level. China is ready to work together with Germany to push bilateral relations to a new height.
Xi Jinping stressed that China and Germany should be demonstrators of win-win cooperation, leading Chinese and European relations, promoters of new international relations, and collaborators that transcend ideological differences. This should be the direction for the two sides to push forward the joint efforts of the two countries at the next stage. The two sides should maintain close contacts at the high level, strengthen the top level design of bilateral relations, encourage exchanges and cooperation between the two countries and use a good mechanism dialogue. We welcome Germany to seize the new opening opportunity of China. We should take technological innovation as the lead, make big cakes, make big industries and make big market, and both sides can be in the future industry. We should carry out more cooperation to open up the third party market together. We should take humanistic cooperation as the grasp and tamp the public opinion basis of friendship between the two countries. We should show the responsibilities and responsibilities of China and Germany to deal with all kinds of global challenges. We will continue to promote global governance and multilateralism together with the German side in the multilateral framework and promote solutions. We should strengthen communication and cooperation in hot and difficult issues.  China appreciates the support of the German "The Belt and Road" initiative, welcome enterprises to actively participate in germany.
Xi Jinping pointed out that China has always firmly supported the integration path of Europe's independent choice, and hoped that the EU will remain united, stable, open and prosperous. China is willing to work with the European side to firmly advocate multilateralism and to send more clear, predictable and confident information to the international community and promote the development of the international situation in the direction of stability and benefit to all sides.