Orientation of the Enterprise Culture

 "Fortune culture": We takes "fortune culture" as culture orientation, which represents the spiritual atmosphere, friendly attitude and management style of all industries of Duofu Group.


"Fortune culture" comes from China's extensive and profound traditional Confucian culture. It is an important cornerstone of corporate governance. "fortune culture" also expressed genetic transmission of Doufu group and is a symbol of the spiritual connotation and characteristics.


 "Fortune culture" is a harmonious culture, a cooperative culture that is brave to break through the development, a professional culture of loyalty and dedication, a good faith culture and a healthy and harmonious interpersonal culture.


"Fortune" embodies the respect and concern to our customers, employees, shareholders and stakeholders. The connotation of "Fortune culture" is rich and profound. From the four aspects of "customer’s fortune, employee's fortune, enterprise’s blessing, social Fortune". This concept deeply refined and summarized the way of corporate management. It is the precious spiritual wealth and the source of sustainable development of Duofu group.


The careful interpretation of "fortune" and the innovation in the enterprise culture will provide a solid cultural support for the future strategy of Duofu group, leading to the continuous and steady development of Duofu group.

Four Core Connotations of "Fortune Culture"

The most important and reliable way of service is "customer welfare".
The way to send far and wide to invite men of ability lies in "employee happiness".

The way to learn modestly and steadfastly lies in "company blessing".

The way to win-win management lies in "social progress".

The core concept of enterprise culture
core values: Politeness brings good luck ; All people belong to one family.

These thought all from the Analects of Confucius.


“Good fortune” means the people of Duofu group be solid and conscientious. They look their careers as life, and full of positive and sustenance to all businesses.

“Treating others friendly ” means the people of Duofu group be sincere. They treat others as family members. And also respect for shareholders and employees, respect for our customers, dedication to society and public welfare. Thus, we can create a harmonious l environment which promote Duofu group’s sustainable and healthy growth.


Four seas together : The “four seas” means the boundless tolerance to the whole world. “Together” means that we should work together to create a better future under the common vision and mission.

Enterprise mission: Hardworking in industrious in order to mutual development.


Enterprise vision: Realizing win-win and operating a diversified group longtime.

Enterprise spirit: Starting up by dedication and Winning in diversification.  


Enterprise slogan: Pluralistic development; Mutual success; All-inclusive; Motive powers.

“Pluralistic development” means we will devote ourselves to multiple formats.


“Mutual success” means we will bring benefits to our clients、employee、shareholders and society.

“All-inclusive” means Duofu group has grown up with talents worldwide.


“Motive powers” means we always act with courage and determination.