Corporate Culture

One, Dover's cultural orientation
"Fu culture"
Dover group's corporate culture takes "blessing culture" as its orientation, which represents the spiritual atmosphere, group friendly attitude and management style of Dover industries.
"Fu culture" comes from China's extensive and profound traditional Confucian culture. It is an important cornerstone of Dover group management. "Fu culture" has inherited the growth gene of Dover group and is a symbol of the spiritual connotation and characteristics of Dover group. "Fu culture" is a harmonious culture, a cooperative culture that is brave to break through the development, a professional culture of loyalty and dedication, a good faith culture and a healthy and harmonious interpersonal culture.
"Fu" embodies the respect and concern of Dover group to customers, employees, shareholders and stakeholders. The connotation of "Fu culture" is rich and profound. From the four aspects of "customer blessing, employee's blessing, company blessing, social blessing", the management and management of Dover group is deeply refined and summarized. It is the precious spiritual wealth and the source of sustainable development of Dover group.

The careful interpretation of "Fu" and the innovation in the enterprise culture will provide a solid cultural support for the future strategy of Dover group, leading to the continuous and steady development of Dover group. ""
Four core connotations of "Fu culture"

The most important and reliable way of service is "customer welfare".
Seeking common ground while reserving differences and seeking common ground -- the way to use people lies in "employee happiness".
Modest, learned, sincere, symbiotic and win-win -- the way to learn lies in "company blessing".
Benefit from justice and benefit is the best way to manage oneself.

Two, the core concept of enterprise culture
1. core values: the four seas and the Communist Party of the Fu Dun people
[Fu do Li]:
From the Analects of Confucius, Wei Ling Gong fifteenth: "King Jun, respecting it and eating it".
From the Analects of Confucius Yan Yuan twelfth: "a gentleman is blessed without loss, courteous and courteous, and all brothers in the four seas".
A lot of people have shown that Dover is a solid and conscientious person. He sees many careers as life, steadfast, steadfast, and full of positive and sustenance for many businesses.
The courtesy person expresses Duff's sincerity and candor and treats others as family members. This shows that Dover group's respect for shareholders and employees, respect for market and customers, dedication to social responsibility and public welfare undertakings. Thus, create a harmonious internal and external environment to promote sustainable and healthy development of Dover group. It
[four seas and the Communist Party]:
The four seas express the boundless tolerance of Dover for all parts of the country and the place where people converge. Together, we should work together to create a better future under the common vision and mission.

Enterprise mission: diligent industry and symbiotic prosperity
The history of the development of the society is also mapped by the history of the development of the society. The brand and industrialization level of the company of Dover's flags has become an important symbol of the comprehensive strength of an enterprise, and Dover group aims to provide the "service" that is necessary for both the base and the high-end.
It will promote the development and innovation of the new service field, maintain the leading position of Dover group in the field of diversified technology, guide the technological progress of the industry and promote the development of the industry.
In order to create a high quality and beautiful life platform, promote economic prosperity and development, achieve a common prosperity with the society, and continue to create a dynamic, highly responsible, sustainable management of evergreen enterprises.

Enterprise vision: multiple win-win success for a hundred years
In order to deepen the reform of enterprises, to improve the enterprise with technological innovation, the leading industry is a big enterprise, the core competitiveness is a strong enterprise, and the enterprise is driven internationalized.
Based on the development of diversified industries, let every industry of our country make joint profits and develop together. The first class industry level, the first class independent innovation ability, the first-class modern enterprise management system, the first-class international brand, the first-class enterprise culture, make hundreds of years base industry and realize the glorious chapter of the times.

Enterprise spirit: to concentrate on industry, multiple to win
[in the industry]
The Dover group focuses on its mission and goals, focuses on trade-offs, develops strengths and strengths, and strives for excellence. Resolute will, put it into practice, treat our career and work with dedication, dedication and loyalty, continue to innovate in the work, develop a new situation, persist in deepening the better profession, and make the best accumulation of the core resources, as far as the sword front refers to, the work must be drooping, the firm belief, not the outside. Confused, resolute to win.
[pluralism to victory]
The group integrates the resources and strength of the group, creates synergy, and realizes the growth of the enterprise and talent. At the same time, it constantly converge the core resources and energy of the society, and accept and accept the people from different cultural backgrounds and ideas from various regions.

Enterprise slogan: multi win common blessing four seas sensitive bank
[multi win]
A win-win situation is a win-win development. Dover group is committed to a number of businesses, CO creating, symbiotic and win-win, and it benefits customers, employees, companies and society.
[Sihai min]
The four seas - inclusive and sensitive - practice. Dover group has grown up with talents, and the core resources and energy of the society converge in a large number of people, inclusive and acceptance of talents from different cultural backgrounds and ideas in various regions, and carry out multiple cooperation and development.