The first ceremony and Book presentation ceremony of Zhang side was held at Duofu group's Beijing headquarters

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Group photo of participants


On October 11, the opening ceremony and Book presentation ceremony of Zhang side, a revolutionary hero series of Chinese Red Culture series created by famous writer Chen Huifang, was held at Duofu group's Beijing headquarters.


Guests at the meeting speak freely


Zhu Qingyi, former deputy commander and air force commander, air force lieutenant and member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference of Lanzhou Military Region; Wang Taisen, former vice political commissar and lieutenant general of the PLA; Zhang Zongyin, former president, chief editor and major general of the people's Liberation Army newspaper; fan Ling, former political department director, major general and vice president of great wall painting and Calligraphy Association; Xu Yongguang, founder of hope project and chairman of Nandu foundation; and former Hebei Province Mr. Zhang, director of the editorial board of the CPC Central Committee, Mr. Hu Chengde, deputy director of the CPC Central Committee, Mr. Hu Chengde, deputy director of the CPC Central Committee, and Mr. Hu Chengde, member of the Editorial Committee of the Chinese people's society, attended the first edition of the book.


Zhang side vividly reproduces Zhang side's simple and unadorned life as heavy as Mount Tai with full and accurate historical materials, plain brushwork, intense passion and youth rhythm. The book, published by Jiangxi education press, records Zhang side's glorious life course from being born in a poor peasant family, fearing the power of the landlords when he was a child, to the thought of joining the red army when he was young, to being officially approved to join the Red Army at the end of October 1933, until he died on September 5, 1944. In the 11 years since he joined the army, Zhang side served as an orderly, a communications soldier, a guard, and a company soldier. He participated in the 25000 Li Long March and the Nanniwan mass production. In September 1944, when he was carrying out a charcoal burning mission in Ansai County, Northern Shaanxi Province, the cave that was about to be excavated collapsed suddenly. He pushed his comrades out of the cave, but he was buried in the cave. At the time of his death, he was only 29 years old. Chairman Mao personally attended Comrade Zhang side's memorial meeting and issued a great call to the whole party to learn from Comrade Zhang side and serve the people wholeheartedly.


When talking about the creation of Zhang side, Mr. Chen Huifang said affectionately: "Zhang side is a model of serving the people wholeheartedly. The establishment of Zhang side's model is the beginning of our party's establishment of serving the people as the fundamental purpose. The spirit of Zhang side is a precious and rich red resource. It is hoped that the publication of Zhang side will inherit and carry forward the spirit of serving the people wholeheartedly.


Chen Haixia, director of the board of directors, accepted the book presented by Mr. Chen Huifang on behalf of the group


At the launching ceremony, Mr. Chen Huifang presented the book Zhang side to Duofu group. He said: "under the leadership of chairman Hu Xingrong, Duofu group started from Wenzhou. After 17 years of hard work, its business covers industry, real estate, trade, investment, culture and tourism. It ranks among the top 500 private enterprises in China. With the continuous development of the enterprise, chairman Hu Xingrong does not forget the beginning He has been actively engaged in public welfare undertakings. He has actively taken part in epidemic prevention and control, rural revitalization, targeted poverty alleviation, earthquake relief and childre's assistance, which has won high recognition and praise from all walks of life. The presentation of "Zhang side" to Duofu group is also a kind of respect for Chairman Hu Xingrong and Duofu group for actively performing corporate social responsibility and striving to be excellent corporate citizens.


Guests present calligraphy to Duofu group


The participants spoke highly of the book Zhang side, believing that the book is detailed, highly ideological and readable, and will play a positive role in guiding and helping the society to better inherit the spirit of serving the people in the new era.