Layout of general aviation industry, Duofu flying automobile joint venture established

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Recently, Wenzhou Duofu Aviation Industry Group Co., Ltd., together with Australia Tianma International Group Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Longcheng Feiying Aviation Development Co., Ltd., formally signed the establishment of Duofu flying automobile manufacturing Co., Ltd. This cooperation will rely on the design and production technology of Australia Tianma excellent flying car to jointly create the Chinese brand of Duofu flying car. Based on the mature operation mode of Longcheng Feiying's "navigation +" and the core concept of "navigation +" integration development, the general aviation industry cluster area will be set up.



The establishment of the joint venture will open up a new territory of Duofu group's diversified strategy, drive the development of navigation industry through R & D, production and operation dual engines, create a three-dimensional smart travel ecosystem in the city, and help the development of China's general aviation industry.



At present, traffic congestion in big cities has become a global problem, and the existing traffic resources are difficult to meet the travel needs of the public. Flying vehicles have completely subverted the traditional mode of transportation and travel. They use airspace to relieve traffic congestion and ground traffic pressure, expand roads from the ground to low altitude, and become a three-dimensional transportation integrating land and air, effectively solving the problem of traffic congestion, and having a significant impact on society, economy, safety and environment. Flying car brings a new solution for urban travel, which is the ultimate direction of urban travel in the future.



The world's leading Australian Tianma flying car, which has a number of patented technologies, is currently the only flying car in the world that can take off and land vertically and can fly and run, and has achieved mass production in Australia. In the future, S-type and E-type products will be launched in China, which will be used in civil, police, fire-fighting and other fields. The product will adopt dual mode of land and air, and can take off and land vertically without runway. It can support driving under various road conditions. It can choose air mode or ground mode according to climate safety conditions. In case of unexpected adverse weather conditions, the safety performance of the product is 80% higher than that of other aircrafts. At the same time, the two products are safe and stable in performance, mature in technology, flexible in operation, and can park in standard parking spaces at will. The conversion of air and ground power systems only takes 3-6 seconds (similar products need 1-3 minutes), so they can adapt to any road conditions such as lawn, gravel, mountain and so on. The product uses common unleaded gasoline, which can be filled at the gas station, which can save a lot of time. The product is planned to be mass produced in China by the end of 2021.



At present, China's economy is in the key stage of transformation and upgrading, quality and efficiency improvement. The development of general aviation is conducive to the formation of new hot industries, the cultivation of new economic growth points, and the stimulation of the kinetic energy and potential of economic development. Flying vehicles will reshape the industry productivity, create a new generation of general aviation technology system, and fully empower the industry.