Duofu group ranked 8th in "2020 top 500 Zhejiang Merchants"

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On August 19, the "2020 top 500 Zhejiang businessmen" list was officially released at the seminar on "watching the tide and listening to the waves" held in Hangzhou. Duofu group ranked eighth with 175.34 billion yuan of operating revenue. At the same time, there are Alibaba,Jili Holding, Fuxing international, Wanxiang Group and other well-known Zhejiang business enterprises.


In addition to making progress in stability and improving in stability, the "top 500 Zhejiang Merchants" enterprises have reached new heights in terms of total revenue and the number of enterprises with 100 billion level. 500 Zhejiang business enterprises have created a total revenue of 8.8 trillion yuan, equivalent to the 14th largest economy in the world.


Top 30 of top 500 Zhejiang businessmen list


In 2019, Duofu group has made great progress in the five sectors of real estate, trade, investment, industry and cultural tourism, achieving new breakthroughs and rapid development. In response to the macro environment, it has maintained the momentum of enterprise development and created good social and economic benefits. With the release of a series of landmark lists such as China's top 500 private enterprises and the 2020 top 500 Zhejiang merchants, it represents that Duofu group has fully possessed the core competitiveness and brand influence of enterprises, and has officially entered the camp of "famous enterprises".


With strength to witness the benchmark, with glory to witness the glory, Duofu group will hold high the banner of Zhejiang merchants, bearing the cause of national rejuvenation and social responsibility, in line with the corporate culture spirit of striving for success, diversity and success, good fortune and win-win situation, Duofu group will step out of China, step into the world, and open the door to the world's top 500.