Li Jiexiang, member of the Standing Committee of Qinghai provincial Party committee and executive vice governor, meets with Hu Xingrong, chairman of Duofu group and his party

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On July 23, Li Jiexiang, member of the Standing Committee of Qinghai provincial Party committee and executive vice governor of Qinghai Province, met with Hu Xingrong, chairman of Duofu group, and his party in Xining.

Li Jiexiang welcomed Hu Xingrong and his party to attend the 21st youth fair. He said that in recent years, China has adhered to the guidance of Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and conscientiously implemented the general secretary's "four solid and solid" major requirements for the work of Qinghai, strives to promote the strategic plan of "one plus two high", speeds up the construction of the "five demonstration provinces", and strengthens the "four economic forms", and leads out of a green high quality with Qinghai's characteristics. "In Qinghai," Xi Jinping said The road of quantity development. We will focus on optimizing the business environment, building a cooperation platform, improving the efficiency of examination and approval, and help all kinds of entrepreneurs to invest and develop their talents in Qinghai with high-quality and thoughtful services. It is hoped that Duofu group will take root in Qinghai and deeply plough in Qinghai, promote the capital increase and efficiency improvement of Qinghai beef and mutton trading center, and implement the comprehensive development project of health care in Hehuang New Area as soon as possible, further expand cooperation fields, and help Qinghai green and high-quality development.

Hu Xingrong, chairman of the board of directors, thanks Qinghai provincial Party committee and provincial government for their concern and attention to Duofu group's investment and development in Qingdao. He said that Qinghai is a fertile land where talents can be exerted and ideals can be realized. As one of the top 500 private enterprises in China, Duofu group will adhere to the business philosophy of "honesty, pragmatism, harmony and win-win", give full play to the resources and advantages of industrial linkage, industry research and trade integration, and systematic operation accumulated by enterprises over the years, and actively promote the implementation of signed projects, so as to deepen in a wider field To realize the win-win development of government and enterprises.