Duofu group successfully signed contract with Chongqing Banan District Government East hot spring project

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On July 14, Duofu International Holding Group and Chongqing Banan District government signed the strategic cooperation agreement on East hot spring tourism development and construction project in Chongqing. After the signing of the agreement, the two sides had in-depth exchanges on the future orientation and construction ideas of the project. The group will invest 15 billion to build. The signing of the agreement is of great significance for the overall construction of the East hot spring scenic spot and the formation of a cultural, tourism and health care complex integrating tourism, hot spring health care, ecological agriculture, beautifying the countryside, and holiday town (residence). The two sides will work together to build the East hot spring project into the first cultural and tourism brand in Southwest China and be well-known throughout the country. It will be a good investment engine for future investment in Banan and boost the long-term economic development of Banan.

In recent years, Duofu group "steady investment" to speed up its own development process, in a number of areas "accurate force", has achieved good results. In 2019, Duofu group is in the forefront of China's top 500 private enterprises, and has become a powerful enterprise with five business sectors of real estate, trade, investment, industry and cultural tourism as the core. In the future, Duofu group will continue to make efforts to deepen government cooperation, make contributions to the positive economic and social development, and achieve a win-win situation.