Duofu real estate group's pledge meeting in 2020

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On June 16, Duofu real estate group's 2020 pledge meeting was solemnly held in Duofu real estate group headquarters. Members of Duofu real estate group's leading group, heads of all centers in the headquarters, marketing management personnel of headquarters platform, general managers of project companies from all over the country and backbone personnel of project marketing department attended the meeting. The meeting mainly carried out "work report of project general manager" And "Declaration of flag and oath of oath".

On the agenda of "project general manager work report", the general managers of each project company report one by one to summarize the work problems and deficiencies. The leading group members of the real estate group and the heads of each center in the headquarters actively discussed the problems fed back by the project company, and put forward targeted, constructive and practical guidelines and work suggestions. Three aspects are emphasized: first, speed up the construction of standardization system to improve the management level of the company; second, clarify the responsibilities of each center of the real estate group and the project company to carry out their work in an orderly manner; third, in view of the difficult problems in the reflection of key projects, the relevant functional centers are required to help solve them one-on-one.

On the agenda of "Declaration on flag giving and oath of oath", the leading group of the real estate group fully affirmed the work of each project company in the first half of the year, and put forward important guiding opinions on the next step of work. All project teams are required to publicize positive energy, gather consensus, act in unity, work together, and achieve the mission! We should attach great importance to the word-of-mouth and brand value of enterprises, and win the market with good products and high-quality services.


At the meeting, the outstanding contribution project company from January to may in 2020 was promulgated, and the second runner up was won by Guangan beichenyuefu, Huangshan No.9 residence and Wenzhou Olympic garden.


The total assets of Duofu real estate group is more than 60 billion yuan. It has more than 20 landmark projects in more than ten provinces and cities in China, with a total planned construction area of more than 10 million square meters. In the future, Duofu real estate will continue to improve its business cooperation and comprehensive development ability, continuously layout the urban core and potential plate through the deep ploughing strategy, so as to provide people with a more healthy and prosperous life and ideal and happy real estate.