Dover Group actively promotes the quintessence of traditional Chinese culture and promotes the inheritance and innovation of Southern Opera


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On July 8 and 9, Wenzhou Ouju Art Research Institute, together with the newly compiled Nanju Opera "Killing Dogs" and the modern opera "Lan Xiaocao", performed in Beijing. The 4th Zhejiang Opera Beijing Week, sponsored by Dover Group, officially opened.

The Stills of Dog Killing

On the morning of the 10th, an academic seminar on "The Mission of Small Opera-Ouju Art Coming from Southern Opera" was held in Beijing. The experts from the Chinese Dramatists Association, the Chinese Academy of Opera, the Chinese Academy of Arts, the Chinese Federation of Chinese Literature and the leaders of the Dover Group made brilliant speeches in turn.

Expert Seminar Site

Drama expert Chao Xunhua summarizes Ou Opera's repertoire construction is healthy, Ou Opera's talent cultivation is robust, and the performing art of Ou Opera is distinctive. Zhou Yude, an opera expert, believes that "Dog Killing" is not the traditional opera of Ou Opera, but it is precisely the elaborate adaptation of Ou Opera, which has become an "antique exquisite work" of "super fun", reflecting the wisdom of Wenzhou people.

Dover Group Chen Haixia

At the seminar, Chen Haixia, a senior executive of Dover Group, spoke as a representative of Wen Shang on behalf of Dover Group. She said that for thousands of years, Wenzhou people had been deeply influenced by Yongjia School's thought of "righteousness and benefit, emphasizing both agriculture and commerce, and practicing the world". It has formed the cultural gene of respecting innovation. Wenzhou "control mountains and bring sea, benefit and water and land". In order to meet the cultural and entertainment needs of dignitaries, folk artists set up hook railings and tiles to create new words and songs, which contributed to the early prosperity of Nanxi Opera. From 900 years of Nanxi Opera, the strong vitality of traditional culture has been proved. Dover Group is an outstanding representative of Wen Shang, and is determined to build a century-old enterprise to achieve evergreen foundation. We should always revitalize Chinese traditional culture. It is our duty to help the inheritance of the quintessence of our country.

Dover Group regards "Fuduoli people, all over the world and all together" as the core concept of corporate culture. "Duofu" shows that the Dover people are realistic and earnest, regard their career as life, work steadfastly and firmly, and are full of positive and sustenance for their career; "Li Ren" expresses that the Dover people are sincere and frank, treat others as family members, show respect for shareholders and employees, respect for the market and customers, social responsibility and public welfare undertakings. Persistence; "Four Seas" is the place where people from all over the world gather to express Dover's infinite tolerance; "Sharing" is to work together to create a better future under the common vision and mission. It embodies Wenzhou's cultural tradition of integration of land and sea. Ancient rhyme, Ouqiang Ouyun; tracing the origin, upholding integrity and innovation. Inheritance and innovation are dialectical unity. Dover Group upholds the Wenzhou spirit of daring to be the first in the world, innovates in inheritance, upholds integrity in innovation, keeps pace with the times, builds the development strategy of "building a business with excellence and winning through diversity", uses for reference and carries forward the traditional excellent culture, creates a harmonious environment inside and outside the enterprise, and promotes the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise.