Lijiang Dover Resort set sail!


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On July 16, 2019, Lijiang Xiangtai Hotel held a renaming unveiling ceremony. Since then, Lijiang Xiangtai Hotel has officially changed its name to Dover Resort Hotel. The hotel is composed of nine ancient buildings with a total building area of 7600_. The overall design of the hotel captures the architectural style of the traditional Naxi residential buildings in Lijiang. Most of the buildings are carefully hand-carved with wood. At the same time, they also have multi-level landscape effect. They are magnificent, noble and elegant, small bridges and running water, shaded by ancient trees, elegant and quiet, simple and unique, with three halls and one wall, four-in-five-day wells and turning horses. The building is full of rich classical cultural atmosphere everywhere, creating honorable and surprising noble health care experience for guests.

Mr. Guo Yuan, General Manager of Hotel, and Mr. Lin Jian, General Manager of Hotel Business Department of Dover Group unveiled the brand.

Wave goodbye to Xiangtai and welcome a new future. In the future, Dover Holiday will continue to accompany you, uphold the spirit of benefiting the public, and continue to bring more quality service to tourists.

Dover Resort Hotel is located at the main entrance of the South Gate of the Old City of Lijiang City, which is a world cultural heritage. It is surrounded by streets. It has a very advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation. Since its opening on September 25, 2017, it has received VIPs traveling to Lijiang from all over the country. The hotel has received strong support from people from all walks of life, and has achieved good social response. The brand culture has been gradually established and improved.