New Lucky Food (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. Leads 5G New Life and Eating Mode Strong Attack


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On May 9, 2019, as the initiator of the Third Kitchen Revolution, Dover Group's New Lucky Food (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the China (Huai'an) International Food Exposition held at Huai'an International Food Exposition Center, Jiangsu Province. The exhibition invited well-known brand food manufacturers and circulation enterprises both at home and abroad to participate in the exhibition.

New customers break the tradition, create a new service mode of "new retail, new model, new customers", and integrate a meal project into a convenient and fast service mode. It advocates the 5G new concept of eating in life, and becomes the solution of eating in the process of intelligent life and the solution of people living in fragmented space.


The exhibition also set up unmanned vending machines on every floor of the exhibition hall to facilitate the participants to eat. It also fully embodies the efficient, fast, ready-to-eat 5G new lifestyle meal solution for new customers.

The Expo adheres to the concept of characteristic exhibition, professional exhibition, emphasizing experience, strengthening service and internationalization, branding, digitalization, specialization and specialization. It is divided into three major sections: theme exhibition, professional forum and gourmet exhibition. The theme of the Expo is "quality food, food and life". The theme of the new gourmet exhibition is "quality food, food and life". The "One Meal Project" is also a perfect fit for the solution of eating in the new life of X 5G at room temperature.

The exhibition has six main theme pavilions and brand food specialty centers: Brand Food Hall, Overseas Food Hall, Jiangsu Food Hall (Huaian Special Products Hall), Chinese and foreign famous pubs, Nethong Food Hall, Food Custom Hall. New customers mainly appeared in DT13 area. There are 6 series of soup, porridge, soup, noodles, rice and dishes. About 54 products are exhibited. The raw materials used in the products are traceable, aseptic processing, packaging, storage, transportation and sales at room temperature. Let the vast number of new customers in the busy work or study gap, have more time to enjoy famous chefs around the dishes, eat every meal, become the mobile kitchen of the customers.