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On the morning of April 27, on the west side of the intersection of Huangshan High-tech Zone, the spring breeze was mighty and the colorful flags were flying. In the prestigious gongs and drums, the origin of the band, the model stage and the grand prizes were delivered frequently. Even in the busy scene of helicopter support, the Dover Nine mansion project opened grandly. This is Dover's spring. From Pinus Fragrans International to Nine Mansion, Dover builds the "facade" project of Huangshan High-tech Zone with professional "three views" to shape Dover's brand power, influence and competitiveness in Huangshan.

Project: De-dregs Plastic Fine Products

On the opening day, reporters saw a flourishing new scene in Dover.

The nine-storey platform starts from the earth, the journey of thousands of miles, and the footsteps. Since December 7, 2018, when the first and second phases of the project were granted construction permits, Hongguang Construction under Dover's banner has officially entered the construction site. At present, more than 320 workers are working on the site every day on average.

After taking over the offer, Dover invited Anhui Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Station to inspect the whole project in December 2018. The comprehensive test results are excellent, which gives the construction team great confidence.

"The concrete strength, the dimension of the inter-structure section and the deformation degree of the building are all good. The comprehensive evaluation we gave at that time was second-level, which conformed to the engineering application standard." Wang Yi, director of an Anhui Engineering Quality Supervision and Testing Station, said that there were not many cases of testing the project quality of the rotten tail project, so he was deeply impressed by the Dover project. At that time, according to the requirements of national norms, some bare reinforcement treatment matters were also specifically explained. Subsequently, Hongguang Construction divides the whole project into three phases according to the actual construction situation and development plan. Among them, the original project has completed 3 #, 4 #, 7 #, 8 # building for the first phase, 5 #, 6 # for the second phase, and the newly built 1 #, 2 #, 9 #, 10 #, 11 # building for the third phase. From design to construction, Dover Group strives to keep the project, which has been suspended for five years, up to date.

One is to change the household type. The project has been shelved for many years, while the concept of housing in the construction industry is constantly updated. In order to better meet the needs of modern residential functions, Dover Company has carried out a comprehensive optimization on the premise that the outer dimensions and the number of households of some whole buildings remain unchanged. The 3, 4, 139 square metre households are the focus of this household adjustment. In view of the unreasonable layout of the original household structure and the low utilization rate of space, the design team has made ingenious "improvements" to solve these problems. In the elaborate model room, you can see that the whole living room, dining room and open study space form a continuous space, the north and South transparent lighting, so that the whole space becomes mobile. The warm and modern tone not only shows the noble temperament of the traditional French style, but also sets off the agility and elegance of the modern elements.

The adjustment of household size brings about some structural adjustment. The basement roof of the whole project was only reserved steel bars, no construction, years of wind, sunshine and rain, has been rusty spots, according to the design requirements, this part needs to be repaired, remove the steel bars that do not meet the design requirements, and the site is limited. In this regard, the company starts with the design, completes the preliminary drawings design and review work, cooperates with specialized companies with strong comprehensive abilities in various aspects, such as professional technical ability and management ability, and carries out the processing and implementation in strict accordance with the norms and design requirements.

The second is to change the "elevation". The facade of a project is the facade of the whole building. The exterior walls of the original building are all made of real stone paint, which has single color, rough surface, easy to accumulate ash and poor cleanliness. For this reason, the damaged wall surface such as empty drum and peeling appeared in the original exterior wall real stone paint, all of which were removed to the base, and repaired strictly according to the design requirements and construction technology requirements. Invite the design team to redesign the project facade. Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai and other cities have been inspected continuously for three months. Combining with the simple fashion of Hui-style buildings, the whole facade is defined as a color with strong contrast, and the aluminium decoration line is added to make the whole facade more stereoscopic in visual sense. Adding ochre and light-beige white fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum veneer lines to the upper, lower and wall parts of the window can better guide and waterproof the upper and lower ports of the window and make the outer wall more hierarchical. Exterior wall spraying materials also use brand exterior wall multi-color paint for construction. Dover exterior wall Engineer Wang Xiang told reporters that compared with real stone paint, multi-color paint has high emulation, rich color, strong decoration, smooth surface, solid film, water resistance and alkali resistance. In addition, on the basis of the original, in view of the "waterproof" problem that buyers generally pay attention to, Wang Xiang said that the construction team on the original basis, has previously completed the wall of the building re-coated waterproof paint. In addition, the original windows and doors are all white glass, the insulation effect is relatively poor, now all use broken bridge aluminum alloy profiles and hollow toughened blue glass, enhance the insulation effect and sealing, in order to achieve the effect of heat preservation and energy saving.

The third is to build "gardens". The Dover project is located at the intersection of Huangshan High-tech Zone, which is adjacent to the project in the Municipal Park of the High-tech Zone. Recently, the Huangshan High-tech Zone Municipal Park has been perfectly displayed. In order to integrate with the theme of the park, the project designer took this element into account at the beginning of the design, and strived to correspond with the municipal park in the overall style. The grand grand Plaza was paved between the project and the park. The overall landscape pattern of the park adopts the multi-entry pattern of Huizhou courtyard, forming the spatial relationship of the four-entry courtyard. Including the etiquette welcome square, featuring scenic walls and 6-meter elevated floors, it has become a full-age activity area, central landscape area, open lawn and abundant topographic landscape. And the use of pedestrian-vehicle shunt system, all the ground space for greening and owners of leisure and entertainment.

In the built demonstration landscape area, colorful plastic color-bumping line paving can reduce the possibility of accidental injury, while giving people a visual impact.

Viewing Property: Diversified Property Service Model

"Group with strong strength, in zhejiang province" property management co., LTD. Was established based on the huangshan branch. "Property is good at international holding group subordinate" property, with "good at company, happy life" for the development of philosophy. Company has a comprehensive management department, financial department, operating department, engineering department, quality department, the field management, market development department and the five branch. At present, the company's business mainly distributed in zhejiang, sichuan, fujian and other major cities, in the tube property types including residential community, commercial property and property, and other forms. Company quality management of ISO9001 and ISO14001 environmental management and GB/T28001-2011 occupational health and safety management standard certification. "Realty adhering to the principle of the development of quality and brand preference, the use of advanced science and service concept, in the domestic leading property service enterprise greentown property for benchmarking, strive to create a diversified property service mode, trying to become the domestic first-class service provider.

Many people know, the developer's own property company, not only saves many developers and property transfer transfer formalities, also provides one-stop service for the owners. According to the already in tube property management experience, the future is not good at property will use "steward" intimate services, a building is equipped with a "housekeeper", for the whole building residents 24 hours online service.

Artificial intelligence is now applied to many fields. The intelligent community management, also become the popular trend of property management. To this, "property inheritance into building visual intercom system, indoor emergency call system, video monitoring and security system, community electronic patrolling system, five parties intercom.

Humanized design combined with different people in the district, adopt different ways of household. From the gate to oneself the home owner, a total of 4 security door, the gate, detached wing door, the door, a door, every door, set the permissions. Among them, there are 7 kinds of unlock the gate way. Young owners can choose to brush a face, a credit card into the, the old owners can also use the lock into the ordinary way. Gate and the owner of the household in addition to using first class steel security door, also has a configuration of electronic fingerprint lock.

And plot the elevator is top owners are most concerned about, "the company adopts the world's three largest elevator manufacturers one of Germany's thyssenkrupp elevator, the elevator safety coefficient is high.

View details: meticulous "regret"

Writing articles pays attention to "transition", and good transitional sentences can play a connecting role between the preceding and the following. For the special project of Dover Huangshan, Dover Group has set up a prophase project promotion team specially to solve the problems left over by history. The 84 "old owners" who have been registered in the housing management system of the Bureau of Housing and Construction are their key care objects.

After the introduction of Wu Yufang, the leader of the group, every node in the early stage of the Dover project is clearly presented to the reporters: On September 28, 2018, Huangshan Intermediate People's Court and Huangshan Economic Development District Management Committee organized the on-site handover of the project and coordinated the processing of relevant certificates and procedures. On September 13, 2018, the Huangshan Municipal Government held an office meeting of mayors to study and solve the problems related to the original "Pinus Rosin International" project. On September 21, 2018, the property rights registration of land and ground buildings of the original Huangshan "Pine International" project was transferred to Wenzhou Dover. On October 23, 2018, Wenzhou Dover Real Estate Company transferred the registration of property rights of land and above-ground buildings to Dover Real Estate in Anhui Province. On November 8, 2018, we declared that we have completed the qualification certificate for the development of real estate enterprises of Anhui Dover Real Estate Co., Ltd. In November, applications for alterations of construction planning permits for buildings 3 #, 4 #, 5 #, 6 #, 7 #, 8 # were filed. On December 7, 2018, the construction permits for completing 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 buildings were renewed. On January 25, 2019, the pre-sale license for commercial housing in 3 # 4 # building was completed. On January 30, 2019, the pre-sale license for commercial housing in 7 # 8 # building was completed.

"Now it seems that it's just a time node, a number, but in the early stage of our takeover, it's like getting a bundle of old wool and we can't get started." Wu Yufang said that, especially in view of the problems reflected by the "old owners", the company has specially become a three-person docking group. The general manager asked to achieve "three nothingness", that is, meticulous, seamless docking and impeccable. Every old owner's situation is different. At that time, some of them purchased the whole house, and some of them purchased the house by mortgage. Most of the old owners who purchased the house by mortgage suspended the mortgage after the project failed. In all these cases, Wu Yufang patiently recorded all the feedback problems from the old owners and helped solve them one by one. Eventually, they also won the recognition of these old owners.

For a project, these special "old owners" may only be a small part of many owners of a project, but for each owner himself, this is the top priority of their generation, or even generations, and they must be reassured, reassured and happy to live in a new home. That's what General Manager Dover said.

Design sketch

There is a beautiful call waiting. Although the process of waiting for people, but after years of grinding, you look more attractive.

■Sunflower Allen

District real estate opening, this is not worth the ink, but the project of Dover is different. It used to be the famous "rotten tail building" of Huangshan City - Pinus International, which is located at the crossroads of Huangshan High-tech Zone, East-West Qiyun Avenue, north-south Meilin Avenue portal project. After six years of silence, it ushered in a new vitality on April 27, which also marks the original Pinus International's 8. Four owners were able to return home.

Wu Jidong, Shangshan resident in Xiuning, one of the old owners of Pine International, bought a house before the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2013, 139 square meters, with a total price of 560,000 yuan and full payment. The contract stipulated that March 30, 2015, I had hoped to bring home ownership. Unexpectedly, not only did the house not come into hand, but the developers also "disappeared".

Yin Qiangping, a native of Hangkou, Shexian County, bought three 405 houses in 2013 with a total price of 310,000 yuan and a mortgage for 15 years. He planned to buy a house for children to read. Never thought, six years later, the house is still far away.

Cheng Zhaoqiang, a Wucheng resident in Xiuning, bought four 502-room houses in 2013. The 30-year-old had planned to use them as a wedding house. He had to rent a house in Tunxi to get married because he could not get it.

Mrs. Rowling, who was just married when she bought a house, is now in the first grade at the age of six, and the house has not yet been acquired.

Tian Huan, because his wife worked in the development zone before buying a house, did not want to buy a house, the husband moved to the city, but the house has no following, want to change, but there is no room to change, life plans were all disrupted.


Buying houses for work, for marriage, for children to go to school, for good geographical location, for appreciation space... The original choices of 84 old owners, all for these reasons, have been disturbed by the "suspension" of the rosin international. The house is the center of the family, is the guarantee of happiness, the house is delayed, tied up 84 household owners, they are distracted, heartless, sad.

Yin Qiangping, a self-employed man, hopes that his small family can live and work in peace and contentment. But since the house "extranodal branches", his body has also had problems. In 2016, he was diagnosed with lymphoma. He spent more than 500,000 yuan before and after that. He spent all his savings at home and sold all his property. If the house of Rosin International came into hand, it might be his last life guarantee. But what about the house?

"In the past few years, I really want to cry without tears, but very helpless." Speaking of the experience of buying a house, Sven's Yin Qiangping seems very helpless.

"Thanks to Dover, it was Dover's arrival that gave me hope." During the interview, many owners, including Yin Qiangping, surrounded the reporters.

Indeed, as Dover formally entered Huangshan on August 1, 2018, good news came one by one, and owners saw hope. Under the coordination of the Administrative Committee of the High-tech Zone and the Huangshan Intermediate Court, the problems of banks, real estate and taxation left over by the original project side are all being solved one by one.

"On April 30, 2020, you are guaranteed a house." Dover's customer representative Yan Min said.

Fuduoli people, all over the world. This is Dover's core values. Dover's arrival melts the cold heart of 84 owners and makes the door of Huangshan High-tech Zone full of spring.