Zhou Guohui, Vice-Chairman of the CPPCC Provincial Committee of the People's Political Consultative Conference, investigates the "wisdom turnover" demonstration base of river sediment


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Investigation of Zhou Guohui, Vice-Chairman of Zhejiang Political Consultative Conference

Demonstration Base of "Intelligent Turnover" for Environmental Protection River Sediment in Beidou, Dover

Zhou Guohui (second right) listened to Wu Lianghuan (third right) to introduce the team's scientific research situation.

On April 3, Zhou Guohui, Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Provincial Political Consultative Conference, led a team to investigate a scientific and technological demonstration base for the utilization of river sediment resources in Xindan Street, Beilun District, Ningbo City.

The base is a "experimental field" jointly invested by Professor Wu Lianghuan of School of Environment and Resources of Zhejiang University and Wenzhou Dover Beidou Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Zini Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. It covers an area of about 30 mu. According to the principles of "standard classification, technology integration, wisdom turnover, on-site treatment and industrial cycle", technology research and development and engineering demonstration are carried out.

According to the division of labor, Wenzhou Dover Beidou Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. independently undertakes the development and manufacture of miniaturized centrifugal drying automation equipment and modular tail water purification equipment for river sediment, and undertakes the development and operation of management platform for demonstration base. Since the equipment was put into operation in August last year, it has run steadily and met the requirements of the original design. Vice President Zhou Guohui instructed the company to declare product patents as soon as possible after listening to the on-site report of Vice President Liao Xiaofeng of Dover Beidou Environmental Protection Company. The Zhejiang Provincial Office of "Five Water Governance" will help promote the application of this technology.

Zhou Guohui fully affirmed the project after listening to the research results of the "Intelligent Turnover" project of river sediment. He believed that the concept of the project was advanced and operable, and realized "turning waste into treasure" through the utilization of soil resources. It was a good project to promote ecological improvement and soil and water conservation. He pointed out that we should continue to deepen the study of river sediment treatment technology and truly realize the harmlessness of silt. At the same time, based on scientific research results, more economical, efficient and practical river sediment treatment technology and equipment should be continuously developed and scientifically promoted to make more people accept them.

This project is a scientific research project jointly established by Zhou Guohui, Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Department, together with the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Water Resources Department and Agriculture Department. This investigation is also the mid-term acceptance of the project.