Brief Report on the Signing Conference of Enterprise Assessment Responsibility Letter of Jiangsu Section of Ministry of Industry in 2019


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In order to summarize the production and operation status of enterprises in Jiangsu Section in 2018 and the completion of the target responsibility letter, and promote the further development of the enterprise production and operation work in 2019, the Jiangsu Section of the Ministry of Industry of Dover International Holding Group held the signing meeting of the target responsibility letter for 2019 at Youfu Thin Plate Technology Co., Ltd. in Shuyang County, Jiangsu Province, on the morning of March 19, 2019. Vice President Chen of the Group, relevant personnel of the Ministry of Industry and Business, and the principal person in charge of Jiangsu film enterprises attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Vice President Chen signed the target responsibility letter for 2019 on behalf of the Jiangsu Film Area of the Ministry of Industry and the main responsible persons of each enterprise. Manager Wang Jiaxin of the Ministry of Industry and Business analyzed and briefed on the completion of the main assessment indicators of enterprises in Jiangsu Province last year. The principal leaders of enterprises reported on the completion of the main economic indicators in 2018 and the problems existing in production and operation, and made statements on the indicators and tasks in 2019. Manager Wang Qi of the Industry and Business Department made a communication and deployment on the supervision of the Group.

Finally, Vice President Chen summarized the work of Jiangsu industrial enterprises in 2018, especially analyzed the main problems in production and operation, and put forward the requirements for production and operation management in 2019.

First, we should concentrate on accomplishing our goals and tasks. We should strengthen the construction of marketing team, actively expand the market, control costs and improve efficiency, constantly carry out technological transformation, strengthen the research and development of new products, strengthen brand building, and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

The second is to control and guard against market risks. Grasp the market law, practice internal skills, control and study market risks in time, so as to maximize the interests of enterprises.

Third, strengthen foreign trade and actively expand the international market. While guarding against market risks, we should strive for export tax rebates to enhance the vitality of enterprises.

Fourth, strengthen the talent reserve and improve team quality. We should vigorously introduce talents, at the same time, strengthen the construction of enterprise culture, constantly strengthen the education of honesty and self-discipline, strive to form an enterprise culture atmosphere of "flourishing the factory, honouring the factory and damaging its shame", and enhance the centripetal force and cohesion of the enterprise.

Fifth, we should strengthen the awareness of safety in production and environmental protection. Safety is more important than everything. We should always tighten the string of safety production and keep a close eye on safety. We should do a good job in environmental protection, strengthen investment in environmental protection, and ensure safety and accident-free throughout the year.