Mr. Hu xingrou is a new star of Zhejiang businessman. He also served as Chairman of the Board of the Man Sang International Limited(HK0938) and the member of the 12th CPPCC national committee of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Mr. Hu ranked 398 on the Hurun China Rich List 2019 with a fortune of 10 billion RMB. And ranked 11 on the Hurun Under 40s China Rich List 2019.


Mr. Hu was selected recently as president of the Wenzhou General Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, and honorary president of the Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce in Chongqing、Canada、Hong Kong、Los Angeles. He also won the honorary title of “China outstanding honest entrepreneurs”、”China’s economic influencer 2018”.



Our Doufu Group have achieved metamorphosis growth through tempering ourselves longtime.


In retrospect , we started our business with Fengyun lock industry as a starting point 2003. We always hit new targets in exploration. Doufu become a diversified group focus on industries now. Group company business covers real estate、trade、investment、manufacturing industry、cultural tourism and so on. We have achieved a new stage that accumulated quantitative changes results in qualitative changes. 


We regard "fortune culture" as the core of enterprise culture for long time. We take“Politeness brings good luck and All people belong to one family”as our core values; insist the idea of “ learn modestly and steadfastly”; chase the purpose of  “win-win management”;carry out the human resource policy of “seeking common points while reserving difference”; take “hardworking in industrious in order to mutual development”as our duty; implement development strategy of ”Starting up by dedication and Winning in diversification”. the characteristic enterprise culture of "fortune culture" will lead us to a new goal that use advanced management tools to forge Duofu group into a Fortune 500 company with complete commercial platform、better performance and first-rate service .


Being prepared for dangers in safety days, we watch and ward. We cherish the excellent macro situation and the outstanding business performance created by the staff. We welcome competition to protect customer’s rights and respect the competitors each other.


There is a long way to go. We will find the right direction anyway. Today, we have been able to grab the opportunities and exploit the advantages to the full. We will build and solid the brand of “Duofu”.We will write a new chapter of enterprise history with broad mind and determined will.That must make the Duofu group great again! I believe the Duofu group’s tomorrow should get better and better!