A brief introduction to Doof Group

Doof International Holdings Limited (here in after referred to as "Doof Group") was founded in 2003. As an investment group focusing on Chinese industry, Doof Group has invested more than 100 large enterprises in the developed areas of Chinese Mainland and overseas, such as Hong kong、Singapore and Indonesia. It’s business sectors cover real estate, trade, energy, manufacturing, environmental protection industrial, travel, and health industry. Doof Group stick to making innovations from traditional industries to AI, large data, bio medical treatment, and new energy industry. 

On the basis of the enterprise spirit of " starting up by dedication ; winning in diversification' ,  Doof Group takes the optimization of resources and multiple development as its orientation, promotes technological innovation, and supports the development of deep industrial integration, and drives the upgrading and efficiency of the investment industry of the group through AI, new materials,IT and other advanced technologies. Upgrade, to provide customers with the best products and services.

In accordance with the business philosophy of "honesty and honesty, sunshine health, learning innovation, harmonious and win-win", Doof Group takes "fortune culture" as the cornerstone of enterprise culture. More than 30 thousand employees are full of fighting spirit and united as one. 
In the future, Doof Group will continue to forge ahead and bear the glory of the first to witness the Centennial glory.